In 2013, Intechnology plc entered its fourth decade at the forefront of the IT industry in the UK, it all began in 1983 from a small office in Wetherby where Peter Wilkinson the founder and owner started the first Storage Only solutions distribution business which grew over a period of time to be the UK's largest. Impressively growing revenues to £320m Peter sold this to Arrow ECS at the end of 2006. A history of InTechnology
With his interest in communications and networks in 1995 Peter started the first business only internet service provider "Planet Online".
In 1998 "Planet Online" was the largest UK business ISP which was sold to Energis in the same year.
During 1998 Peter invented the business model to provide free internet access to home users in the UK. In order to bring this to the mass market Peter partnered with Dixon Stores group to launch under the brand of "Freeserve" the UK's most successful domestic internet service provider.
During the period of Planet Online Peter became extremely interested in the provision of content realising that connectivity was becoming a commodity. He founded Planet Football and became the official provider of football club websites to over 25 clubs in the old first and second divisions.
Peter reversed Planet Football into the AIM listed Sports Internet group and continued to find revenue streams for the huge traffic that the football club websites were attracting. Peter acquired Opta statistics to provide analytics to the fans and then purchased Surrey Sports (a betting company). This enabled Sports Internet to be the first company in the UK to provide online betting on football matches on the internet.
This business was sold to BSkyB in 2000 and became Skybet.
In 2000 Peter reversed his Storm business into the AIM listed InTechnology PLC and also started InTechnology Managed Services. This became one of the most respected and largest Infrastructure managed services businesses in the UK. This was sold to Redcentric in November 2013.
In 2006 Peter took a stake in the leading PTT (push to talk) technology business "Mobile Tornado". The technology is so impressive and has so many different applications including security camera technology and the communication protocol that really is superior to the standard PMR devices InTechnology plc took a further stake in the business.
InTechnology plc has also developed a voice recording solution which trades under the Live-PA brand, InTechnology also passionately believes that Digital Healthcare is vital to the future of both the NHS and its patients and to this end under it's brand "Inhealthcare" InTechnology has developed the first accredited patient platform in the cloud along with a number of clinical pathways, enabling patients to monitor their conditions from home.
With the rapid development and uptake of mobile devices and tablets the lack of good WiFi has left a huge hole in the marketplace. Having spent years searching for a technically advanced WiFi manufacturer Peter eventually found and bought "Alvarion" in November 2013. Once he'd acquired this business he saw a huge market opportunity in the UK for Smart Cities, Stadiums, Arenas, Greenfield events etc. which wasn't being fulfilled by the predominantly US WiFi manufacturers or any of the large UK telecom providers.
In January 2014 InTechnology Plc launched InTechnologyWiFi where it will use its previous models and expertise to deliver content rich WiFi solutions to cities, stadiums, arenas and greenfield sites.