At InTechnology plc we define ourselves by how we do things as well as what we do. By understanding the issues that our customers have we're able to devise the most suitable solution to meet their needs. We underpin our business philosophy by our values and strive to deliver the highest possible standards across all of our companies.
We believe in:

Our people

We're committed to recruiting well and growing from within our organisations. We train and coach our people so that we work for each other, not just with each other.

Our strengths

By ensuring our solutions and services are best of breed and business-grade we know that we can back up our credibility with proof and keep our promises.

Our desire

Our passion for IT drives us to deliver first-rate platforms and services, which is why we constantly invest in ourselves and deliverables.

Our experience

Our long-serving team offers a wealth of knowledge which is unique in the industry.

Our tenacity

We never shy away from a challenge or a problem. We strongly believe in investing, fixing issues and building long-term solutions.

Our partnerships

We work in collaboration with our customers. We understand that not all 'in the box' solutions suits every organisation, we work with you to shape your contracts, projects and future needs from our services.

Our services

We believe in delivering the type of service levels that we ourselves would expect, therefore we can be confident in the services we deliver your business.

Our morals

We are committed to values of decency, integrity and honesty. Because of this you'll find us as plain speaking and an open relationship that allows us to be as fair as we are friendly.