With over 400,000 patients using its services and a growing customer base, Inhealthcare is the number one choice for digital health and remote patient monitoring services in the UK.

Inhealthcare enables the NHS and social care organisations to deliver care to patients at home, on the go, or in care homes. People today use the internet to shop, bank and communicate with family, yet health and social care services still rely heavily on paper and manual processes. Inhealthcare digitises health and care services, reduces pressure on overstretched providers and brings greater convenience to patients.

Inhealthcare has a growing marketplace of more than 100 clinically designed remote monitoring services, backed by robust evidence. Using the Inhealthcare Toolkit, clinical teams are able to build their own services at speed and at low cost. Inhealthcare has customers across UK major cities including London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, Hull as well as across Northern Ireland and the Home Counties.

Over 50 customers across both primary and secondary care

Remote patient monitoring and digitising processes is a must if the NHS is going to address the challenges it faces:


10% of nurse vacancies go unfulfilled.


Highly skilled staff are spending time on processes that can be automated.


The number of outpatient appointments has doubled since 2006.

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