Peter Wilkinson


Intechnology plc CEO Peter Wilkinson is an award-winning Yorkshire entrepreneur. In a career spanning four decades, he has founded a succession of profitable companies and is responsible for the creation of more than 5,000 UK jobs.

In 1983, Peter launched his first business, STORM, an international data storage and security products distribution company. He went on to form VData in 1999, which revolutionised IT operations by enabling online data backup, a much faster, more efficient and cost-effective alternative to tape backup. Intechnology acquired STORM and VData in 2000 and Peter became majority shareholder.
Peter developed and led pioneering businesses including Planet Online, the UK’s first viable business internet service provider, Sports Internet Group, the internet-based content business sold to BSkyB in 2000, and Freeserve, the UK’s first free consumer ISP.

His latest business interests include Inhealthcare,, a UK leader in digital health and remote patient monitoring, IntechnologyWiFi, a provider of digital infrastructure, connectivity and managed services to public and private sector organisations, and Mobile Tornado, which supplies instant communications for workforce management.


Peter’s business biography


1983 – Founded STORM

1995 – Started Planet Online

1997 – Launched

1998 – Sold Planet Online to Energis

1998 – Invented Freeserve, launched by Dixons

1999 – Reversed into Sports Internet Group

1999 – Founded VData

2000 – Reversed STORM and VData into Intechnology plc

2000 – Sold Sports Internet Group to BSkyB plc

2006 – Invested in Mobile Tornado plc

2006 – Sold STORM to Arrow Electronics

2012 – Founded Inhealthcare

2013 – Sold Intechnology managed services division to Redcentric plc

2013 – Founded IntechnologyWiFi

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