We are delighted to announce the coming together of our two businesses, Inhealthcare and IntechnologySmartCities, and to explain why the newly enlarged company is best placed to support the digital transformation and delivery of people-centred services. We believe this is great news for our customers who will be able to benefit from an unsurpassed range of digital services that reach across health and social care boundaries.

Since it was founded in 2012, Inhealthcare has established itself as a UK market leader in digital health, specialising in remote patient monitoring to improve health outcomes and create capacity in pressurised NHS services. IntechnologySmartCities, founded a year later, has similarly established itself as a UK market leader in digital infrastructure, specialising in free public connectivity to boost digital inclusion and enable innovation in public services.

The two companies naturally followed separate paths and achieved notable successes in their respective fields. To date, Inhealthcare has implemented more than 50 co-designed digital pathways for the NHS, supporting the health and wellbeing of nearly 150,000 patients and enabling clinicians to spend more time with people who need care the most.

IntechnologySmartCities, formerly known as IntechnologyWiFi, has deployed the UK’s largest free public WiFi network in Edinburgh, attracting nearly 1.1m users, and rolled out one of the UK’s first citywide IoT networks in Coventry, which is monitoring air quality to help reduce harmful pollution.

Customers for both companies are principally NHS organisations and local governments. Increasingly, we are seeing greater collaboration between both providers as towns and cities adopt a joined-up approach to service transformation. By combining forces, these new partnerships will help people live healthier lives for longer and keep them out of hospital when they do not need to be there, a major challenge of our times. In the same way, it makes perfect sense to combine Inhealthcare and IntechnologySmartCities.

While Inhealthcare and IntechnologySmartCities will continue to operate as separate brands, the newly enlarged company will offer an expanded range of services using our proven technology. These cover:

• Remote patient monitoring

• Care homes

• Social and community care

• Social housing monitoring

• Public WiFi

• The Internet of Things.

All are underpinned by our robust technology platform, trusted by NHS and local government organisations across the UK to safely and securely deliver numerous services. The best-in-class platform provides a business process management engine that allows customers to rapidly design, create, test, deploy and audit digital services at scale, use data analytics to achieve actionable insights and enjoy the increased capacity and productivity gains that can only come from the automation of mundane tasks.

Based in Harrogate at the heart of the country, we are proud of our heritage as a UK innovator and we passionately believe in the power of technology to increase efficiency, create savings, enhance social and economic inclusion, strengthen partnerships and, most importantly, support the delivery of public services with humanity and compassion.

Bringing together Inhealthcare and IntechnologySmartCities is the exciting next step for our businesses and we look forward to working closely with you as our valued customers.

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